Can I install my garage door without using designated track and springs?

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Can I replace my garage door without using the new track and springs that came with it, and use the track and springs from my previous door?


Mark Finkelstein
By Mark Finkelstein
On 15-03-2015

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  • March 15, 2015

    Thank you for your question, Mark. It is good to be sure of whether or not you are able to use the equipment from your last garage door, such as the track and springs, in case they are too weak to hold the new door that you are having installed.

    In fact, this may actually be the case if your are installing a heavier door that is steal or more solid wood than the one that was previously hanging in your garage doorway.

    If your are switching from a lighter door to something heavier, it is vital that you use new a mew track and springs as your old ones will not hold, and will most probably break along with the door.

    If you are considering having a new door installed, here is a link that you may find helpful!


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