Inconsistent opening of my garage door

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I have been on a trip abroad for 5 months and my garage door was left closed for the whole period.

Now it seems that something went wrong and it won’t open smoothly anymore.

When i click to open the garage door it opens a bit and than gets stuck. On occasion when i close it and reopen it would open completely but it does so sporadically.

How can i fix it and what do you think is the problem?

Noah w.
By Noah w.
On 15-03-2015

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  • March 15, 2015

    Hello Noah!

    Sounds like the door may need some minor lubrication. However, I would recommend having a technician look at it so that you are sure to be using the right lubrication, are lubricating the correct areas, and that all the other mechanical properties of your door and opener are working properly.
    Once you and the technician have dealt with the door make sure to schedule a date on your calendar for regular maintenance.

    Remember we have an emergency line if you’d like to set up an appointment short notice!

    BBB Garage Doors


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