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Residential Garage Doors

Installing a garage door is an old-fashioned type of service

BBB Garage Doors will present to you a comprehensive package of service and materials that are clearly listed and defined.

The service and parts are guaranteed so long as our parts and our service technicians perform any future work on your doors.

Service includes mounting the tracks, installing and connecting overhead door panels, cables, tension springs and automatic openers.

Residential garage doors are designed basically the same

It is extremely rare to see a one-piece residential garage door, although a few relics hang on from the 1960s and 1970s.

The sectional, rolling door design is tried and true.

They work well and they require very little maintenance.

A well-made BBB Residential Garage Door, properly maintained and properly used, will literally last for many decades.

Moving parts may need replacement from time to time, but they work as well as the standard, hinged doors that have been on the front of every house for hundreds of years.

Installation of a garage door is about precision set-up, not extreme science

The design of the garage door hasn’t changed since the 1920s, but neither has the truth.

If tracks are not lined up correctly, hinges will bend and rollers will wear out because they are not balanced.

Aligning an overhead door’s roller tracks can be surprisingly difficult for the untrained person.

BBB’s door technicians take specific steps to install the tracking and to mount the door on its rollers. A senior technician always supervises the job.

It is because of this that the doors will work flawlessly for years on end.

Installation of the door begins as soon as the doorway opening is made available

Comprehensive garage door service can include cutting the doorway.

The tracks are hung and secured to the walls and ceiling of the garage and then the door panels are installed from the bottom up-the door is assembled in the closed position.

Rollers are installed and the door panels are connected with hinges.

Cables and pulleys are hung and attached to the tension springs.

The alignment of these items is also extremely important to ensure proper door performance as well as to eliminate premature wear of these critical moving parts.

Residential vs. commercial garage doors

Commercial garage doors are of the same basic design as residential doors; they may have larger automatic lift devices depending on the door’s size.

Compared to residential doors, the size of the door is usually the only difference other than insulation.

Commercial doors are generally insulated to retain heat to protect products and make for a warmer working environment inside.

Since few homeowners heat their garages, insulation on a residential door can be s sizable, an added expense that is usually not needed.

Designs of doors are basically the same except for their color, types of windows, or visual decorations on the exterior.

BBB Garage doors have many colors and styles to choose from, and the right ones for your house.